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Record Store

We provide all the services needed to help your Independent Label Run and Operate like a Major Label. 

Label Consultation

Consult with our Executives to gain insight on music business strategies and grow your career.

Label Formation

Ready to take your career seriously? Start your own record label and start to grow your music empire. 


Work with our professionals to Create the Branding Materials you need.

Video Production

Our Video Production Services are aimed at enhancing the brand of the artists we serve.

Label Management

We provide Management services to Independent Record Labels.

Music Registration

Get the ISRC Codes, and Blockchain Rights Registrations for your music.

Promo​ & P.R.

We'll connect you with the professionals and media outlets needed to build campaign awareness.

Music Production & Mastering

Produce and Master your music with us to get the top quality needed for a great sound.

Label Liason

We'll coordinate meetings and promote you to record labels seeking new talent.

Publishing Admin

Make sure that you get all the money you deserve for your music

Song Placements

Think you have a hit song? We can get it in the right hands so that the world can know.


We'll help you put together the documents needed to raise money from investors, and/or help you create your own cryptocurrency.

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